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June 2015

Remember Tonight

I was reminded once again last night of that special feeling of knowing you’re in the presence of love and how love conquers all. Love, put simply, appears to me to be the essence of life. Without love, we are nothing. I accept that the perception and experience of love may differ from person to…

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Sacrifice. The greatest act of love. I’d heard it before – the romantic notion of giving up anything and everything so that the one person you truly love could be happy, regardless of whether you were there to be a part of it or not. There was always something that sounded so heroic and epic about…

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Time Travel

Tick tock, tick tock.He gazed at the clock. The record kept playing. He lost himself for a moment. Back and forth through time, he swayed. Good times, good times…The party was over…Everyone had gone. He cleaned up, suddenly coming to the realisation that although some of them would return, most of them had left never to…

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Near Life Experience

I’ve been thinking…People ask if you ever had a near death experience…What about a near life experience?There’s so much to be seen, done and experienced in this world – but the ways of our society and our time has us locked up, as though we are prisoners within the walls of our very own homes, work…

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Hello World

Hello world. Most of you probably have no clue who I am, where I’m from, or what I do for a living. And you probably don’t need to. I’m probably not much different than those of you who are reading this. I’m just one of – God knows how many billion we are now –…

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