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July 2015

What’s the F*cking Rush For?

What the fuck are people rushing for? School, youth…is it really that bad? Yeah, classes are boring as. Yeah, exams suck. Studying sucks. Especially when it seems like there’s absolutely no point. But is it really all bad? We meet some amazing people through school and university, make some everlasting memories never to be forgotten….

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Life is Worth The Struggle

Give yourself credit. Take a step back every now and then to reflect on things and remember not to be too harsh on yourself. I mean seriously, why do our inner voices have to be so critical and so cynical? When we look at others around us and evaluate some of the things they’ve gone…

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A Life Worth Living

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He had been born into a corrupt, wicked world, a world in which anger, pain and worst of all, hate, took hostage the heart of every individual, including those who claimed to be good. The world consisted of two types of people: the good at war with…

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Moving On

I’ve been thinking. As I always do.How do people do it? Getting over that one person you went all out with.That one single soul, in a planet of over eight billion, who with just a smile could make your heart skip a beat, merely with a single word make you the happiest person alive or…

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Dear G-d

Amazing lyrics by Being As An Ocean that I just had to share… As I pen these thingsIt might literally be all I haveInk on paperDoes any of this matter?Then I’m reminded of what I’ve seenThe places I love and the people I’ve beenOnly Love could have brought me to this placeHolding in me a…

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The dark is your enemy.It breeds pain, it breeds sadness, it breeds misery. It drags you through a time tunnel, with visions of your past waiting to haunt your will to sleep away.Sometimes there’s something so peculiar about it, a bittersweet feel to it which tricks you into thinking that you could somehow find some sort…

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